Writing Yoga Nidra

Writing a Yoga Nidra script has been extremely challenging.  The internet is surprisingly unhelpful.  I can listen to or buy recordings of Yoga Nidra to guide myself on a journey, or I can read aloud from one of the books . . . but if I want to write my own? I’m on my own.

It’s not the putting together of words part; rather, it is the structure – the mechanics of leading students into the deep theta wavelengths of meditative consciousness – that differentiates Yoga Nidra from any old guided meditation.

Yoga Nidra is progressive relaxation followed by rotation of conscious3ness followed by an intentional uncovering of and journey through the five Koshas (or layers) of the Self:  physical body, energetic/breath body, mental & emotional body, intuitive body, and bliss body.  It’s an amazing experience that takes people so deeply into themselves they can easily access their own greater Truth, Awareness, and Connection.

It is an experience that I desperately, deeply want to customize for students of Magical Yoga.  It’s a journey! Basically all magical people everywhere and every-when throughout history celebrate the importance of journeying in psychic and spiritual development.  Some cultures even require it of their people as a rite of passage.

Thus, it is bound to be part of the holistic tapestry of Magical Yoga’s offerings.  Currently, the market seems to be focused around highlighting that which already exists:  people like Julie Lusk and Jennifer Reis, who have been creating and selling scripts and CDs for years.  While these women’s offerings are spectacular – it is time to broaden the borders of the Yoga Nidra realm.

So, even though its proving difficult, I’m walking the path less traveled, adapting from the Greats – like Julie Lusks’s book – until my own creation is so unique, so engaging, so magical that it is truly an original.

Not everything in life has a “How to,” and that’s okay.  Yoga Nidra is, after all, a journey!

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