Reiki One Attunement

During an intense weekend of yoga teacher training, I was given the Reiki I attunement, activating my ability to channel “universal life energy” in the specific way passed on through the lineage of Reiki teachers.  What follows is an excerpt describing the experience.

Reiki energy was flowing and present all day long, becoming more palpable and amplified with each exercise, discussion, and passing hour.  By the time we were divided into small groups to be attuned by the Master Teachers, the effervescent buzz-heat energy was reverberating through the rafters.

I sat with my hands at my heart awaiting my teacher’s powerful presence, inviting my guides, angels, and the gods & goddesses to amplify and unlock the unbounded potential for power, intuition, and manifestation that waited at my center.

“I am ready to step into my highest expression,” I said.  “Keep me safe and guide my gifts.”

With a gentle tap on my shoulder, I knew she had begun.  My crown chakra opened wide, and I felt a surge of energy connecting me first to the glowing room and everyone in it, then out through the roof and off of the earth – reaching to and connecting me with the Source from which I had come.

Vivid purple light filled my mind’s eye as my third eye seemed to blink open.  Symbols, characters, and undulating, pulsing waves of light danced behind my eyelids just beyond my grasp of understanding.  My spirit rose to embrace this new powerful connection!

To complete the attunement, my teacher blew on my hands, still at my heart, my third eye, and my crown.  It was done.

Paired then with a spritely fairy-woman, who had been sitting on my right to be re-attuned (she was already a Reiki Master in her own right), we were instructed to give and receive the healing energy.

She gave to me first, and I saw more vivid purple as she bathed my head in magic.  Music played in my mind’s ear when she was hovering over my heart, and orange-red light flooded mind’s eye at my lower chakras.

She told me, after, that all my energy centers were wide open and balanced, and that my root was especially so.  It felt strong – intense – good.  I was overjoyed and impressed with what she read, as I had been focusing on releasing root shadows and planting myself into the earth and into my family.

I then gave reiki to her, starting at her head.  My hands lit up with heat as her aura beamed several inches out from her body.  I lingered wherever my hands felt reluctant to move, but only until the heat and fuzzy reiki vibration came “on” in full force.  I delighted in the feeling of interaction with her energy!

After, she told me her entire body was buzzing, electrified, and that she felt energy surging out from her hands and feet as I worked on her! Whoa.

Later, my little baby Jasper was nursing to sleep in our bed.  The room was dark with just the nightlight allowing me to see his sleepy form.  I gave him reiki, feeling his little pure, innocent, joyful aura.  After a few moments, I could literally SEE – with my physical eyes – the silvery white energy of his aura interacting with the reiki waves coming from my hands.

What beautiful Love-Magic.  What joy!

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