After Writing Nidra

“Still blissed out from yesterday,” she said.  “It was amazing!”

High praise from someone who experienced my – yes, my original – Yoga Nidra yesterday.  The Yoga Nidra script that nearly defeated me.  The Yoga Nidra script I spent ten hours researching, writing, and editing.  From over an hour long down to twenty minutes, I cut this thing.

To summarize, the meditation involves an enchanting journey, down the beach, at sunset, to find our inner magic.  Truth is spoken, thoughts are thought, emotions released, and magic found.  Most seemed to achieve a blissful out-of-body experience, and all were starry-eyed and floaty afterward.

One of my teachers, who was there, empathized with the difficulty of writing original Yoga Nidra scripts while – with her broad smile and genuine eyes – congratulating me on a “perfect” class!  Yes, she assured me, we all edit as we go, no matter how many times we’ve done this.

“It’s just part of it,” she confided.

At the end of my journey, I knew that I really – really­ – liked being part of it.




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