Category: Brittany’s Journey

I Get Scared

I get scared. I think about giving up . . . on my dreams, my career, sometimes even my life. As a spiritual teacher, I add guilt and shame into this anxiety cocktail because I feel that I’m supposed to be “beyond this by… Continue Reading “I Get Scared”

Spiritual BS

“Spiritual Bypassing” – what is it, and what is it not? It means something akin to pretentious self-righteousness to the point of willful ignorance and/or unhealthy selfishness.  A psychologist coined the term in the 1980s referring to the use of spiritual practices and beliefs… Continue Reading “Spiritual BS”

My First Yoga

The first time I did yoga was on the island of St. Croix, in the Caribbean, where I had moved in hopes of finding myself. It was a picturesque day.  Blue sky, warm sun, and salty breeze.  The studio was at Kalima Center, an… Continue Reading “My First Yoga”

Diving into Darkness

I came up through the mud, baptized in fire and blood.  I’ve been beaten and bruised, homeless and hungry, addicted and depraved.  I’ve been abandoned, neglected, blamed, and drained. When I broke free of imposed circumstances, I proceeded to recreate a hell for myself… Continue Reading “Diving into Darkness”

One Girl, Seven Loves

I have been blessed by many loves.  I’ve heard that we get Three Great Loves; I have had Seven.  Not seven lovers (that number is my special secret) – no, seven True, Real, Capital-L, Loves. “Yoga for Closure,” my workshop on letting go of… Continue Reading “One Girl, Seven Loves”