Equal Access 

Not everyone is having the same experience. I get it.  

But we do all have the same access.

(Whoa – “check your privilege!” right?) 

Yes. We do. We all have the same access to power that is truly greater than anything exerted upon us.

I’ve spent some time in front of kids, and I always tell them the same thing:

“Your greatest gift is your imagination. No one can take that away from you. No one but you can control it, and no matter what happens to or around you – your imagination is yours.”

The power of imagination is far from imaginary! Through visualization, intention, and creativity, we literally manipulate reality. Literally, literally. Science says so. See: quantum physics, Dr. Masaru Emoto, and positive psychology.

Even, say, a girl born into poverty & abuse, to a single mother who happens to be a drug addict and prostitute – even a girl living in the ghetto, barely attending school, without money, regular food, or a family – a girl who is surrounded by people who don’t look like her, who is abused, objectified, neglected, and often homeless … yeah, even *that* girl has access to this power.  

I know, because I was that girl.

When we learn to turn inward and create our reactions, to use our imagination as a vehicle, and to find solace inside our own hearts – that’s when we change the world. We change ourSELF, which changes our circumstances, which changes our collective reality.

I’m not saying I had it the hardest. I didn’t. But I do understand how important it is to free ourselves from the limiting and prevailing myth that we are powerless.  

Some people have more privilege than others. That’s not what I’m taking about here. Privilege is something that is given and can be taken away.

Power comes from within.  

Those who we perceive to be more powerful or in power are only there because we not only *allow* them to be, but continue to fuel the divide with our own imagination. We not only accept their vision of the world, but we also adopt that vision into our minds, bodies, and lives.

The only way to gain freedom is to turn inward and create it. Don’t worry about “them.” In fact, don’t worry at all.

Instead, imagine. Nobody can take that away from you – it’s yours to wield as you will.

What will you do with your power? 

One Comment on “Equal Access 

  1. Bravo yet again Brittany!
    We are never a victim to anything, anyone or any circumstance. It is a hard pill to swallow if you are immersed in a society that is constantly giving subliminal messages of the contrary.
    Quantum physics shows us what some Spiritual disciplines have know all along. You literally are what you think, ( imagine). Inspiring post. Keep sharing your wisdom!


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