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Love Spells & Self-Love

She says to flow, to let go man, oh, man do I already know. Hope, i’ve always said  is acknowledgment of what’s already dead a lie inside our head — “I don’t have it yet” is how it’s read. … love yourself instead is… Continue Reading “Love Spells & Self-Love”

Psalm 56:8

She keeps my tears in Her bottle – And this is sacred. I think about this old verse a lot, about how there is a God who cares so intimately about my life that every single tear I have ever cried is on Her… Continue Reading “Psalm 56:8”

Mapping the Cave

So much has been said on the topic of transition, of sitting with discomfort in growth the way the caterpillar turns into sludgy goo inside the cocoon before being reborn with wings. To that I will add the many metaphors for my own recent… Continue Reading “Mapping the Cave”

The Submarine Hatch

Damn, have I been depressed. The preamble: Bipolar disorder, or manic depression, a doctor once told me to call it, is an energetic roller coaster of emotional nonsense that lives in my head. And though I’ve been very public about it (Sedona, Manic Depression,… Continue Reading “The Submarine Hatch”

Balancing the Scales – on death in Sedona

Once upon a time, I believed that I was born within a tragic love story. It was the foundation of my faith, the center of my spirituality and my driving force. Once upon a time, I believed I was wanted, I was chosen, I… Continue Reading “Balancing the Scales – on death in Sedona”