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The Submarine Hatch

Damn, have I been depressed. The preamble: Bipolar disorder, or manic depression, a doctor once told me to call it, is an energetic roller coaster of emotional nonsense that lives in my head. And though I’ve been very public about it (Sedona, Manic Depression,… Continue Reading “The Submarine Hatch”

Balancing the Scales – on death in Sedona

Once upon a time, I believed that I was born within a tragic love story. It was the foundation of my faith, the center of my spirituality and my driving force. Once upon a time, I believed I was wanted, I was chosen, I… Continue Reading “Balancing the Scales – on death in Sedona”

Phoenix, and Moms in Boxes

On a flight to Arizona and everything feels surreal. I’m being swept up in a wave bigger than I understand, driven by forces I sometimes know, and then don’t. This morning from the airport gate, I video called a donor and asked him to… Continue Reading “Phoenix, and Moms in Boxes”

A Case for Voting, Even if You’re Too Spiritual

For those who, like me, seek to move beyond the duality illusion, today is powerful. Today, we can participate in a ritual of intention. Many of us “see through the deception” to the point that we no longer participate in the system: we do… Continue Reading “A Case for Voting, Even if You’re Too Spiritual”

Showing up for Death

We aren’t showing up for life, so death is showing up for us. It started gradually, when we normalized cancelling plans in favor of solo Netflix nights and the quirky cuteness (?) of voluntary self-isolation. Social media and texting took the place of hangouts… Continue Reading “Showing up for Death”