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Showing up for Death

We aren’t showing up for life, so death is showing up for us. It started gradually, when we normalized cancelling plans in favor of solo Netflix nights and the quirky cuteness (?) of voluntary self-isolation. Social media and texting took the place of hangouts… Continue Reading “Showing up for Death”

The Way of Love, Like a Flame I cannot Extinguish

I saw a cardinal today, and it made me think of you. Birds always do. I don’t know if I will ever know How to turn away – Twin Flames, they say, are the absolute worst. The life lesson you’ve signed up for but… Continue Reading “The Way of Love, Like a Flame I cannot Extinguish”

It’s the Ascension

The thing about Ascension – which, by the way, means stepping into a new dimension of humanity … literally being part of a new earth that sparkles with colors we can hardly describe and energy that feels like magic … living in full embodiment… Continue Reading “It’s the Ascension”

Testing my Faith

Building faith is a trial I didn’t expect. I’ve been called for the past year or so to “have faith.” It’s been spelled out for me so clearly in divination, meditation, energy work, dreams . . . and is certainly not my strong suit.… Continue Reading “Testing my Faith”

Medication v. Meditation

The line between self-medication and addiction is terrifyingly thin, especially when what we’re trying to medicate is our trauma response. I know this intimately, from repeated personal experience; and, I’m only just now putting into action what I’ve come to understand about it through… Continue Reading “Medication v. Meditation”