No Thanks, The Man.

“Something is happening,” she said.  “People your age,” she said, “are starting these businesses . . . “

And it’s like we don’t even give a damn about the “way things should be done.”  We are out there taking big risks, making waves and creating brand new community models in the strangest places (Waterloo, Iowa, for example) (or maybe Wolfeboro, New Hampshire) with utter disregard for the status quo.

“No thanks, The Man,” we might say, “We’ve got this.”

And by that, we mean – it’s time to break the mold.  No thanks, massive and ever-accruing debt.  No thanks, corporate franchises and corporate beers and clothes and things and stuffs.  No thanks, glass ceilings.  Oh, hey, there, corporate ladder.  Nice to see ya.  But no thanks.

Actual thanks to people like you – that generation of rule breaking, system-questioning, artsy, protest-y, new age-y, working-hard-to-provide-a-better-life parent-y types – the ones who taught us to believe in ourselves and take chances:  we are brave enough to create the world we want to love.

“And then there are all these people even younger than me out there building tiny houses and just travelling around!” I couldn’t help but say.  We both laughed.  Not a derisive, judgy kind of laugh; no, the empathetic and appreciative, totally awestruck by the world in which we live laugh.

An awakening is upon us.  Change is now.  Transformation is happening, and willing participants are riding the crest of the wave with blissfully complete trust in our vehicles (read:  businesses, ventures, lifestyles, and choices) while those being tossed about in the messy undercurrent are choking on the tide, becoming exhausted from the fight.

Luckily for all of us, the healers are awakening as quickly as stars coming out over an open sea.  It’s no accident that tumult is bearing down on our society even as a gentle, unobtrusive, and intentionally unperturbed awakening blossoms beneath the surface.

We’re breaking up the concrete like dandelions.

We’re determined to grow and making space.  The good news is, there’s enough sunshine for everyone.  Our world is abundant.

We might be saying “No thanks” to The Man, but we are finding strength and courage in saying a great big “Yes, please” to the Universe, to each other, and – maybe most importantly – to ourselves.

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