Visualization for Third-Eye

Intuition.  The third-eye, or Ajna Chakra, also known as second sight or a sixth sense – whatever we call it, it has an important place in our practice and our lives. 

Ajna Chakra is also called the 6th Chakra in the 7-Chakra model, or the Third-Eye, and is associated with the color indigo (which I describe as the dusk sky just after sunset).

Physically located in the forehead between the eyebrows, this energy center corresponds with the physical pineal gland, which is part of the endocrine system in the brain.  Interestingly enough, this gland is also famous for creating DMT – aka the Spirit Mollecule.

Imbalances in the third eye may manifest as headaches, sinus issues, or vision problems.  An overactive third eye could be associated with mental dis-eases such as paranoia and hallucinations.  Finding an active balance is key! 

I could talk about the importance of activating and maintaining intuition all day – in fact, I just taught two yoga classes specifically geared at this very thing!

Today, though, I am writing to share a simple exercise anyone can do to bring awareness, balance, and activation to this vital energetic point. 

Third-Eye Activating Visualization 

Find a comfortable seated position somewhere you will be undisturbed.

Bring fingers into Vijna Energizing Mudra by touching tip of first finger to tip of thumb. Bring tip of middle finger underneath, into the thumb knuckle crease. Extend and relax last two fingers. Place mudra hands onto thighs.

Vijna Energizing Mudra

Sitting comfortably, close the physical eyes, and begin to observe the breath. Allow shoulders to relax with each exhalation. Deepen breath.

With an inhale, bring right hand’s mudra fingers to forehead, between eyebrows. Breathe deeply.

Visualize a dusky night sky, deeply indigo. Immerse yourself in the experience of sitting under the dusk sky, after sunset.  


Now, see a blue flame flickering in the distance. Invite the flame, burning with cool, calm energy, to approach you. 

Watch the blue flame emerge from the sky and come to rest at your forehead. Inhale the flame into your third eye, where your fingertips rest.

Breathe, watching the flame flicker with your breath, inside of your forehead.

Breathe and enjoy the sensation of the cool, mysterious blue flame.

When you’re ready, release fingers and bring hands into the heart. 

Know that you have access – now and always – to the dusky blue flame of intuition. Flutter open the eyes.


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