Consciousness Cleanse

In order to purify and elevate my consciousness, equipping me to journey more deeply inside myself, I am about to embark on

49 days – 7 weeks – of:

absolutely no
Processed Sugar, or

vastly limited screen time,

a whole lot of

Nature, and

Whole foods and
Blue-green algae.

As I progress through the Cleanse, I will write about specific aspects and the motivating causes for removing, limiting, or adding them.

In this post, I will simply summarize my overall intention with what I have invented and dubbed the “Consciousness Cleanse.”  49 days feels complete to me, and I am privy to the knowledge that it can take the body up to 30 days to rid itself of the effects of caffeine, alcohol, and/or dairy under normal circumstances.  I will be expediting the detoxification process with foods, juices, algae, and intentional energetic exercises – but without lab tests and fancy science, who can be sure?

The Cleanse serves many purposes.  I’m already a GMO-hating vegetarian yogi conspiracy theorist who lives in a small town and doesn’t have a microwave or TV.  So though this may sound extreme, to me it simply feels like the next step.

First, I want to eliminate all substances that affect my clarity of consciousness, either directly by “quieting the voice of god,” or indirectly by either distracting me or weighing me down.  Caffeine, for instance, gives me a fake and fleeting feeling of high-energy creative power; I wish to experience my internal fountain of youth rather than supplementing it with (delicious, heavenly, beloved) coffee.

Second, I want to give my body and mind everything needed to naturally thrive.  This human body is carrying a gigantic spirit made up of the same pure potentiality that exists in the entire Universe.  (I’m not being vain.  Your body also carries a gargantuan spiritual Self!) Such spirit may benefit from a finely-tuned earthly vehicle.

Third, I want to connect more deeply than I ever have before.  Connection with self, family, earth, humanity, and Spirit is possible.  Though I have some sense of the depth and breadth of such potential, I am desperately curious and soul-thirsty for a deeper experience.

My expectations on the physical plane include:  more energy/less fatigue, greater ability to focus my mind, bodily vitality (better overall health), balanced mood, healthier-looking skin/hair/nails, reduced post-baby stretch marks, tighter tummy, greater strength, better sex drive, less stress, more laughter, and the experience of flow in everyday activities.  This isn’t to say I feel an utter lack of these positives now, as I am a pretty healthy person; but I suspect I’ll notice these and many other benefits throughout the 49 days.

On a higher plane, I hope to experience:  bursts of genuine creativity, feelings of ecstatic joy, exponentially increased ability to manifest, greater intuition, a returned sense of energy-flow, discovery of dharma, and universal love.

These are lofty goals, indeed.  Drastic times call for drastic measures, though, and I am on a journey to the center of my soul.

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