It’s the Ascension

The thing about Ascension

– which, by the way, means stepping into a new dimension of humanity … literally being part of a new earth that sparkles with colors we can hardly describe and energy that feels like magic … living in full embodiment of our Gifts, using all our senses, understanding ancient truths and the power of love as an expanded consciousness transcending all the dramas, shadows, and pain we’ve come to think of as “normal,” but which are really just illusions of separation from that very same loving-living consciousness –

The thing about Ascension

is that it comes upon us whether or not we are prepared, or open, or ready. And the less prepared, open, or ready we are, the more scary it feels.

Ascension is the lifting of the Great Veil that separates us from each other, from our own Higher Self, and from the truly IMMENSE capacity for consciousness that is the essence of our humanity.

Ascension is becoming fully spirit WHILE remaining fully human.

Ascension is recognizing that we *are* divinity inhabiting a human body – and realizing that the human body is capable of truly miraculous feats.

Ascension means remembering that we are ALL psychic. We are ALL capable of healing physical, mental, and emotional ailments in ourselves and others. We are ALL capable of – and indeed MADE TO – do amazing things like: transcend hot and cold (think Wim Hof), levitate, live vibrant healthy lives well into our 100’s, manipulate and work with the elements (control fire, wind, water, earth), communicate telepathically, astral travel, have out of body experiences … and more. More that I can’t even describe or imagine!

It is written. Not just by me, today, but since ancient times.

And the time has come. Ascension is upon us.

(But it might feel like you’re coming undone a bit if you haven’t prepared yourself for this. Hell, even if you have been preparing for this for a long, long time – many of us have – it still feels like coming undone.)

How to prepare for and ease your personal Ascension:

Eat clean, high-vibe, healthy, fresh foods.

Drink a TON of room temp water all day.

Like a lot of water.

More than that.

Yeah … a LOT OF WATER!

Meditate every damn day – just try. You’ll get there.

Feel your frickin feelings, all of them, and allow yourself to have them and understand them. They’ll pass through you, and you’ll get stronger … I promise.

Say you’re sorry to those you have hurt, are hurting, and will hurt. Forgive yourself for hurting people. It’s okay. Be gentle.

Forgive those who hurt you, even if they didn’t, or will never, apologize. (Forgiveness means to be free of your anger & resentment, not to suddenly be friends again.)

Drink a ton of water.

Spend a lot of time soaking up sunlight.

Spend a lot of time outside, especially barefoot, especially touching plants and trees.

Interpret your dreams – each symbol means something and it’s a message about how to ease your personal ascension.


Signs that you are experiencing Ascension:

You *feel* things differently, like you’re more aware and awake than ever before.

You have and remember vivid dreams.

Sometimes your vision becomes brighter, like you can see light streaks, rainbows, and sparkles out of the corners of your eyes.

You feel psychic in new ways.

You feel connected to the spirit realm, and are having experiences like seeing angels/spirits/ghosts, are getting signs from loved ones who have passed, or sense that your angels/guides/guardians are close at hand.

You crave water and fresh, healthy foods.

You no longer have interest in drama.

You recognize your emotions and move through them more quickly (i.e. you don’t stay mad or sad for as long as before).

Weird synchronicities happen to you all the time! You think of something or someone and BAM! There it/they are!

You need to have a spiritual practice, such as yoga, meditating, divination, gardening, hiking, tai chi, or writing.

Everything feels easier and more okay than before.

You can FEEL the earth in a new way, like a pulse or a buzz of energy when you go outside.

The moon and stars really affect you.

Everyone seems familiar, like you just *know* them somehow.

Lies no longer “work” on you – you see the truth and seek it out in all situations.

Your body feels better, stronger, healthier, and like it heals faster.

Your “old stuff” is all coming up to be healed – this can feel like you’re going insane, or like everything you didn’t want to deal with is suddenly coming for you . . . and it can feel scary and hard! But this is the “sloughing off” of the old to make room for the new. You DO have to deal with your “stuff,” and it will happen very rapidly. But, you’re ascending. So it’s okay.

Signs the Earth is Ascending

Natural disasters are more frequent, cleansing the earth of the damage we’ve done to her . . . this is the earth’s “sloughing off” phase.

People everywhere are “waking up” to higher truths, seeking spirituality and ancient practices, returning to the earth and seeking more simplistic, sustainable lifestyles.

Systems of control are being exposed and collapsing; the old paradigm of “society” in which many suffer so few can rule is no longer viable nor desirable.

Magnetic poles shift.

Water sources return to states of purity and their natural flow.

Protectors of the earth begin to make headway and “win their battles.”

Drastic natural events cause societal structures to pause, stop, or collapse.

Astrological events become common knowledge and are known to affect people.

Astrological events (meteor showers, star and planet alignments, solar flares, etc.) become more frequent and palpable.

Animals unite and behave differently, more compassionately toward each other and with less territorial division.

More people decide to stop eating animals or to eat more plants than animals.

The natural world begins to rebound – wolves return to places they’ve vacated, species flourish that were on the brink of extinction, new species are discovered, chemical farming techniques begin to fail while organic and sustainable methods succeed.

Disclosure has begun – governments admit there are aliens and that we’re in contact with them. People largely accept this as truth and become less afraid of the concept.

People and communities become more sustainable and cooperative on local, small scales without regard for overarching systems of control.

… and there is so much more, but this is plenty to get us started today 🙂

Happy Ascension, y’all. I love ya. So, so much.

You’re doing just fine. This will all be very, very different – very, very soon.

I’m psychic. I should know.

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