Energy, Cards, & LightWork

When I say I’m an intuitive, or an energy worker, or lightworker – or any of these things other than “yoga,” do you know what I mean?

We are ALL intuitive, psychic, magical, powerful. We ALL have these abilities.

It’s my passion to help wake people up to their own amazingness. I don’t want to (and can’t) fix anyone. What I can and love to do is to point people back to themselves in profound ways.

How I do this is by using the skills I’ve fallen in love with and developed over the years. I can look into your eyes and KNOW what kind of person you are, have been, and could be. I can see past traumas, pain, and experiences. I can see your potential.

When I do “energy work,” or reiki, with people, I “see” and “know” even more. I get visions of your past lives, I see and talk with your angels, guides, ancestors, past loved ones (even pets sometimes!), and your own higher self. Sometimes goddesses appear and offer guidance or give gifts, like courage or protection.

I once worked with someone who wasn’t feeling well for a very long time due to Lyme and other chronic issues. Over the belly, I received a bunch of energetic feedback and the very clear image and message to eat raw papaya seeds. After a few weeks of doing so, this person was feeling great. No more Lyme.

Recently, these energy sessions have been turning into what I’m beginning to understand are “Activations.” When someone comes to me and is on the threshold of a dimensional shift, of a major energetic ascension (like from 3D to 4D or 5D), I have been guided to facilitate the immediate transformation. How it feels is … almost indescribable. I become quiet and focused, and we both feel an intense rush of energy. I see cells and neuro-pathways lighting up with new electricity and am downloaded with huge amounts of information about the person I’m working with AND the universe in general.

I never truly know what’s going to happen in these sessions, but I have come to expect truly powerful transformation. I cry, you cry, we all cry (sometimes). We laugh, we read cards, we ask questions.

This is energy work with me, in the format of a “session.” I have some space in my schedule for a few more of these *at* the studio.

When you come into the bright and beautiful space, you walk into a sacred circle. I have crystals, salt lamps, blankets and pillows ready to go. We start by reading cards and then you get comfy as I move in a circle around your body with my hands, lightly touching sometimes but usually just hovering over you. I speak to what I see as I see it, and afterward we process. That’s it.

Remote sessions are done a little differently, but are just as profound (because energy doesn’t follow our petty human rules about time and space).

Reading cards is by far the most simple and straightforward “thing I do,” and I’ll be doing it out in the community for all to see very soon. Or via FB messenger. Whatev. Cards always give us answers to our questions, so be careful what you ask – that’s my only caution.

Thanks for reading. Love ya!

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