The Shift

Over the last couple weeks, everything has shifted – not just for me, but for all of us.

My private appointments have transformed into something I’m not even sure “counts as reiki” anymore. Energy healing certainly still flows, and I can feel the seven major chakras like always . . . but it’s so much more now.

Not only are past lives leaping out of my clients’ energy fields to be seen, healed, and cleared, but the lessons in them are resoundingly awakening. Past loved ones come through (I call this “reluctant mediumship” haha) with clear messages of love, forgiveness, and transformation.

And the deities. In the last few weeks, I’ve met GODDESSES I didn’t even know existed! Pele appeared in/around/above a volcano. Diana rode a glorious steed on the edge of an ancient witch’s cave. They bestow blessings and gifts that I can hardly articulate at the time and cannot put into words now. Things like protection, like a gossamer gown/blanket of light; and, another time, a red crown jewel for passion in a gypsy caravan.

This is the stuff dreams are made of and even though I am one heck of a storyteller I can’t make this up. It’s absolute magic. THIS IS THE AWAKENING.

When I realized things had truly shifted for me was when I felt the intense astrological energies not as a thrashing but as a thrill. I talk about it like a wave of energy. If we are anchored to our shit – that which holds us down – the waves crests over us and tosses us around in the absolute turmoil beneath. It’s trying to uproot us! And if we can open our hands and let go of the old stories, release our anger/hurt/pain, relax into the intensity …. then we ride.

During this time my own beloved mentors and friends, those who’ve helped ME become, have reached out. They have given me the gift and great honor of participating in their transformation as an equal. Tears spring to my eyes as I type this because I am awed with loving gratitude.

I facilitated an “energy activation,” out of the blue (haha like that’s a thing) for a woman who knew “something” was happening but couldn’t quite explain it. Her openness and receptivity, and the two years of self-work she has been doing, made her the absolute perfect vessel to receive this gift. I didn’t know it was something “I could do.” (I didn’t do it. Spirit did it. Luckily, I was also open and receptive and was given the tools to facilitate and explain in the moment.) This woman has been connected to the higher grid of 5th + dimensional energies and in just a few days has researched what it all means to her incredible DELIGHT and sees massive changes not only in her own life but in the lives of her loved ones.

I have five more of these sessions over the next two days and more to come already in the books. I am so grateful, awed, curious, and alive. This awakening, and my part in it, are my purpose. I have been dreaming of these days and everything in my life has prepared me for this moment.

Everything has shifted. Everything is new and old, alive and well. Join me! Let’s dance together in the moonlight on the shore where this wave hits, on the new earth, with total abandon and ecstasy.

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