Magick (Ask a Witch) Press Release

Witchcraft has been hunted and persecuted throughout history, but ancient secrets survived the fires. On Friday, February 16th at 6:30pm, a panel of witches will share these secrets with the public at the second of a five-part metaphysical discussion panel series at Magical Yoga in Wolfeboro.

“Discussion panels are so ‘Wolfeboro,’” Brittany Dube, the owner of Magical Yoga, said. “That’s why I wanted to bring these topics to the studio. We have a thriving, but somewhat underground, metaphysical community here who is very eager to come together and learn. What better way to do that than through an interactive question-and-answer event?”

Magick (Ask a Witch) is the second in a five-part series and features three New Hampshire witches who are out in the open practicing their craft. While the stigma around witchcraft has lessened in terms of physical danger, it is safe to say that the practice is still deeply misunderstood by the general public.

Angela, one of three panel witches, has been practicing for nearly twenty years. She infuses science, herbalism, massage therapy, and spirituality into her holistic wellness career. As a self-proclaimed “nerd,” she spends as much time researching the science behind the practice as she does practicing. “That’s why people tend to listen to me when I go on a ‘woo-woo’ tangent,” she joked on social media, “they know I know my stuff.”

Jeremy (Wolfeboro) is the token male witch on the panel, and the one with the most mainstream career as a chef here in town. He followed a traditional path, finding Wicca when he was serving in the US Navy, and has taken it into his life as a spiritual practice.

Victoria (Wolfeboro) “understands the importance of shadow work and being in touch with our darker sides.” An avid bone collector, gardener, and floral designer, she spends every day immersed in magick.

Magick is a real, living tradition that has been passed down through generations despite persecution. What a time we are living in, to be able to come to a public event and speak to witches, out in the open, about this ancient practice!

Magical Yoga is hosting this discussion panel on Friday, February 16th at 6:30pm in the upstairs studio for $15 a ticket. All are welcome. Tickets and more information are available online at or by calling Brittany Dube at 603-520-3512.

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