Dreams, and Playing with Haters

“All my dreams are coming true!”

It’s my current sankalpa (intention) and I think it’s working.

I have big dreams. When I was a little girl … and a big girl … I used to say that I was going to be the President, an actor, and a singer. Then, I was going to be the editor of Time Magazine. When I founded and ran an international nonprofit, our vision was to “change the culture of aid around the world.” You get the idea.

My classes have all heard me say, “you want what you want because it was meant for you to have. Some people’s dreams are other people’s nightmares – so go, unabashedly, after your heart’s desire!”

How do I apply that to my own vision? And what is it that I really desire, in my core, through all these different versions of imagined success? I’ve been asking myself these questions lately; and, more important even than the asking, I have been giving myself space to expand gently into Knowing and Becoming.

Today, I have a lot of irons in the fire. I’m in the middle of re-writing my first book, the first draft of which I completed in November. I own and run a yoga studio, which means I teach 9ish classes a week, host 2-4 events each month, and am at any given time collaborating with a dozen different people. I see private clients as a mentor, intuitive, and energy healer. I accept invitations to work in local schools, like New Durham’s Yoga Club. Oh, and I blog, and make YouTube videos, and facilitate FaceBook groups! (And I’m a mom of two wonderful boys, a wife of a busy and loving husband, and a friend to some truly special people.)

What does it all add up to mean for me? And how can I be certain my dreams are coming true? I can sum it up in one word:


All the “things” I’ve ever wanted to do or be have included common elements of community visibility, broad reach, and world impact. I recognize that my story is powerful, my skills are sharp, and my heart is big. I have space and desire for a broad platform, and I am finally in a position to expand into it!

Oh, and how do I know my sankalpa is working? I received my first anonymous hater comment on YouTube! Yep. A stranger in some corner of the world watched my video and took the time to write a nasty reply. I couldn’t be happier!

All of this isn’t to toot my own horn, but rather to illustrate a process of manifestation. Manifesting can look like a lot of different things, but almost always calls for self-searching honesty and a recognition of core values and desires. Then, we must decide and declare what we want, take some action toward it, recognize the large and small successes, and remain grateful.

Manifesting is actually really fun. It’s imagination, play, and joy! A couple of women I love and admire are joining me on Wednesday to share their insights and tricks on the topic, which – actually – is also a dream come true for me.

Thank you for showing up to play with me. I love you!

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