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Equal Access 

Not everyone is having the same experience. I get it.   But we do all have the same access. (Whoa – “check your privilege!” right?)  Yes. We do. We all have the same access to power that is truly greater than anything exerted upon… Continue Reading “Equal Access “

Studio Opening Press Release

On Saturday, April 1st, the downtown Wolfeboro yoga studio will be changing hands.  Magical Yoga, a new yoga – healing – flow studio owned by Brittany Boles Dube, will be taking the place of the current Moondala Yoga Studio overlooking Back Bay in the… Continue Reading “Studio Opening Press Release”

Heroines, Mine

My childhood heroes were all women – just not the ones I knew in “real life.” My mom definitely didn’t make the cut, may she rest, finally, in peace. And sadly, everywhere I looked, most other women in my life were subject to addiction,… Continue Reading “Heroines, Mine”

On Finding Trust

Someone recently asked me, “How did you get over your distrust of men?” It’s a long story that begins with building a wall around my heart – an impermeable tower of protection – as a result of some very big disappointments (like childhood sexual… Continue Reading “On Finding Trust”

7 Ways to (Actually) Send Light & Love

Times like these inspire movement in the core of our being.  Stillness is no longer an option; even if we are “frozen in the headlights,” our hearts keep a frantic beat.  Evidence of souls and societies thrashing through the raging current is posted everywhere… Continue Reading “7 Ways to (Actually) Send Light & Love”