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I’m All of Us

At one point in my life, I wondered why I had to go through so much sh*t. Now, I get it. People keep saying to me, “I can relate to your story.” . . . and as awful as it is that you can… Continue Reading “I’m All of Us”

Something Kind of Crazy

I’ve decided to take publicizing and sharing my book, Finding Starlight, into my own hands. It’s a little crazy. Here’s how I explained it on FaceBook: 🖤 I’m about to do something kinda crazy 🖤 My book, “Finding Starlight,” is just about done – final edit in… Continue Reading “Something Kind of Crazy”

earth herself

I see you in the water I hear you in the sky and no matter how fast or far, or high I run to forget how to breathe to feel a different kind of pain to seek for exhaustion or silence trees whisper your… Continue Reading “earth herself”

At War with Love, a Philosophical Exploration

There is a dichotomy in the center of our souls, and it is perhaps the essence of transcendence versus humanity – as though that battle cry should even be uttered let alone fought. I always say that I am – we are – here… Continue Reading “At War with Love, a Philosophical Exploration”

My Equinox at Midnight

Yesterday on the equinox, under the full Aries moon, I awoke from a nightmare just before midnight. I knew it would come … I took precautions, like bandaids, before I fell asleep. My fear, anger, and hurt had been coming for me for weeks… Continue Reading “My Equinox at Midnight”