A Case for Voting, Even if You’re Too Spiritual

For those who, like me, seek to move beyond the duality illusion, today is powerful. Today, we can participate in a ritual of intention.

Many of us “see through the deception” to the point that we no longer participate in the system: we do not consume mainstream media, we do not own or watch television, we are not part of organized religion or politics, we do not eat from the hand of industrialized agriculture, and we do not love within the confines They have built. We are, in so many ways, free.

But let us not confuse this sovereignty over self with freedom from service to our world and our fellow earthlings. Let us not confuse our often hard-won state of inner peace with an exemption from participation in the community of humanity.

We have chosen to be human, now, for a reason.

We are spiritually compelled to usher in the ascension in whatever way our passion allows. We are called to participate in the healing of our fellow humans, and of our earth, and we are destined to do so in big, big ways.

This calling speaks to the difference between transcendence and transformation. We are not here to transcend. Not anymore. This is the time of transformation!

So use your magic. Use your passion. Be a light IN the world, not shining from far above as though you are already a celestial, unattached, spiritual Being existing somehow above your own humanity, but down here in the body, amongst the masses, lighting up the world you LIVE IN.

Why not vote? Why not use this intensely powerful ritual to INTEND the world you desire to create? I am not suggesting voting for the duality. I am suggesting breaking open the oligarchical farce of duopoly by exercising a “right” that was won by sacrifice, blood, and tears.

How in the world could I believe in the power of the “vote” when it is so clearly, so obviously, a construct to satisfy our illusion of participation (when in fact we are slaves at worst and serfs at best)? Because I believe in the collective consciousness. I believe that participation is required to ascend as a planet and a People. I believe that there is magic in ritual.

So break the duopoly. Vote for literally anyone that you believe aligns with your own personal truth. Vote like that ballot is a magical object imbued with the blood, sweat, tears, and intentions of our ancestors – because it IS. And exercise your voice, impart your will, SET your INTENTION to be FREE. And then cast that spell – whoops, I mean vote – with all the gumption of your fiery spirit.

You wouldn’t let a full moon pass without a little magic. Why waste this day of collective power all tRanSCenDed, like you somehow are above anything or anyone?

Whether you “like it” or not, you’re still in it. We all are! And we rise TOGETHER. Or not at all.

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