Something Kind of Crazy

I’ve decided to take publicizing and sharing my book, Finding Starlight, into my own hands. It’s a little crazy. Here’s how I explained it on FaceBook:

🖤 I’m about to do something kinda crazy 🖤

My book, “Finding Starlight,” is just about done – final edit in progress. And I’m about to share it with the world, for real.

Do I have an agent? Not yet.

Is it published? Ha. Nope.

Will I still self-publish? Perhaps. Time will tell.

But I’m going to read it to you anyway.

Very soon, you’re going to see 🎥 live videos from me here and on insta.

Once weekly, I’m going to read an ENTIRE CHAPTER of “Finding Starlight,” aloud, on live video, to whoever is watching. Then I’ll post it to YouTube for those who missed it.

Now …. this is crazy for a couple of reasons, which I shall attempt to list here:

😴 a whole chapter is a long video; some would say too long. Idfc.

🤫 there are some deep dark secrets, including criminal activities, which are revealed in these pages. Talk about vulnerable, eh, Brené Brown?

🤬 ^^ I’m about to piss off some people.

🤑 then there’s the whole argument of money. Why would anyone buy a book they can listen to for free? (Uh …. because I doubt millions of people are going to listen to 29+ YouTube videos when they can just buy a book, but who am I to say?)

…. so why would I do this, you ask? Because:

🤩 I think this will help me build interest and even a bit of a … dare I say … cult following for the book (cult like Rocky Horror Picture Show, not like the kool aid guy)

😎 I’m ready to go viral and be discovered by my girl Reese’s Book Club already, and this seems just crazy enough to work, amirite?

😘 I wrote this book for YOU, the people! It’s not meant to sit in a computer file, not to be read until someone thinks it’s good enough – it’s time to share it NOW! Love fest.

So there ya have it. A promise from me to you. Stay tuned and let’s see what my risky obnoxious optimism and undying self-belief can achieve. 💪

You can find the replay of these videos now here on this website, or on YouTube, or on my FaceBook page. If you like it, please share it – especially with Reese Witherspoon. Thanks 🙂

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