Extra Terrestrials Panel – Press Release

An extra-terrestrial discussion panel happens at Magical Yoga in downtown Wolfeboro on Friday the 16th at 6:30 pm. Studio owner Brittany Boles has developed a series of Metaphysical Discussion Panels, in which this is the third topic.

“The public seems really interested in these things,” Brittany said of the series. “I think Wolfeboro is a microcosm of the world around us, which is waking up a little more each day to the idea that life is more than what we maybe thought it was.”

The discussion panel is comprised of Brittany and two other locals: Raecine Delaney and Daosith Lemay, both of Wolfeboro. Together, they make up a “panel of humans well versed in ET, UFO, and other-planetary knowledge.”

Brittany described the event experience: “People come up to the studio bringing interest levels varying from mild curiosity to burning questions. The panel introduces ourselves and talks a bit about our unique viewpoints on the topic, and then we open it up to questions. So far, the discussions have been audience-driven and really interesting. We never know what’s going to happen until we get into it.”

What do extra terrestrials have to do with yoga, though? Panel human Daosith offered, “we are entering a wonderful time for Humanity. A time of drastic change and empowerment. We are receiving vast amount of help NOW. Some of the help is coming from ‘higher’ conscious beings, such as ETs, whom are here to assist us through this ascension process.”

Brittany elaborated, “Magical Yoga’s tagline is ‘discover the magnitude of human potential,’ because yoga is really about empowerment. It’s all the same. Ascension, waking up, magic, metaphysics, energy – call it what you want. It’s about becoming who we really are.”

On Friday, March 16th, at 6:30pm in the upstairs Magical Yoga studio, the Extra Terrestrials Discussion panel will be open to take questions and, as Raecine put it, “share our experiences and encourage others to open up to the healing energy of working with deity/extraterrestrials who have real messages for us as humans on our journeys.” Tickets are $15 at the door or by pre-registering here.

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