Sober October 

Sober October begins now, on a cloudy and cool morning much too early for my liking.

Last night, I had a dream I was given the task of executing a half-finished wine & food event, without any of the necessary information. I kept asking people for help. I was met with “I don’t know; figure it out.” 

The day the event arrived, people flooded through the doors before we were finished setting up. I was running around in complete chaos, unable to keep up or get a handle on anything. At one point, I fell off of a half-constructed dock into churning, cold, dark sea water. The tide threatened to carry me away, but I was pulled to soggy safety. 

At the end of the day, I was walking through the wine aisle of a grocery store, debating whether or not to grab a bottle for later. I remembered, then, that it was Sober October and, before I could talk myself out of it, I woke up.

Dreams are messages to us from our higher self, guides, and/or angels. This one is pretty clear: drinking begets a chaotic consciousness.  

Recently, a group of women I admire decided to hold a “Siren Sobriety” event, stating that it was about sisterhood and making conscious choices about consumption. The fine print stated that the wine lifestyle is marketed brilliantly, purposefully, and subtly. Effectively. 

And then of course I remember how I felt on my Consciousness Cleanse, a 50-day totally clean eating and zero alcohol or caffeine stint; it left me in a clear, energized, happy state wondering why I ever drank in the first place.

The thing is, alcohol is so acceptable. It’s a regular part – almost a requirement – of socialization. But, I know it limits our awareness, places bounds on our power, and drains our energy. It is chaos in a bottle.

So I’m going to do a month without it. And this time, I’m paying closer attention to how I feel, consciousness-wise, and to what the world around me feels like. My hypothesis: a lot less chaotic. 

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