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Jen Morgan Brittany is a gift. She literally sparkles with positive energy and light. Her creative readings and music choices make each class an event. Her ability to be spot on with her insights shows a gift that not many people have. Brittany’s reiki sessions and intuitive readings have brought me so much healing and peace and I consider her a true blessing in my life. I could go on but it all comes down to this: Brittany is pure light and love. A true gift to this world. I am full of gratitude to have her in my life.

Ashton Woodhouse Brittany gave me two readings and Reiki sessions.
They were very helpful and she led me to an extremely important realization: I must not be angry and resentful that I was sent back here to earth after my NDE.
I was extremely pissed off for three decades. What a colossal waste of time!
This is where I belong now, right here, and I would be very wrong to be mad about it.
This is my destiny.
Thank you Brittany, this is very important in my life on earth. ♥♥♥♥‼‼
You see many things very clearly and you are able to help hopelessly confused souls.

Becky Coyner
 reviewed Magical Yoga — 5 star March 18 · 

I cannot say enough about Brittany and her classes. Her studio is magical. She is magical. Everything about her classes are healing, empowering, and just so refreshing. I felt at home the second I walked into her studio. Each person I talk to has felt the same way. Her intuition, her energy, her power… everything about Magical Yoga is both so grounding and so ethereal. I can’t ever find the words to express the feelings I have about her studio and her classes. Giving a rating of 5 stars is putting it lightly.

Carolyn Rose Richardson reviewed Magical Yoga — 5 star October 9, 2016 ·
I had the opportunity today to take a Magical Yoga class with Brittany. Her style is warm, engaging and interactive. She guides you compassionately to *your* fullest expression of a pose while offering gentle guidance, loving instruction and a touch of Magic. My heart was opened, not only by the poses, but by being in Brittany’s presence. She read the class effortlessly and somehow, intuitively met everyone’s needs at once. I so enjoyed the Magical Flow and I felt in tune to my process and my Self. During savasana, she gently adjusted each of us and gave us the gift of healing energy and Reiki. I had rarely felt such profound peace and feep relaxation. I look forward to continuing her class and would absolutely seek her out for a seperate Reiki session as well.  Her energy is Magic, folks!

Trish Kelley Brittany is one of the few people that have been able instantly win me over. Her Energy is bright and sunny, even on her gray days you can still feel her sun. She is loving and nurturing she make any room feel better just by being in it. Brittney is not afraid to talk about life’s deeper issues and have the “long conversation” with you. she’s a great soul and I’m so happy that she came into my life. ❤

Kati Rose reviewed Magical Yoga — 5 star September 29, 2016 ·
I am so happy to have Brit, a true yoga gem, in my life! She does not just teach Magical Yoga…. She Is Magical Yoga. She has this amazingly colorful, glittery, enthusiastic, shining way about her that truly can only be described as such. She is extraordinarily creative with this comforting presence that makes for a fantastically exciting, spiritually beautiful, totally excellent yoga experience! Magical Yoga led by a Magical Yoga teacher…. Such a sweet treat!!!!! ❤

Paula Bird reviewed Magical Yoga — 5 star September 27, 2016 ·
Brittney is fantastic. Practicing with her truly is a magical experience.

Casey McCabe reviewed Magical Yoga — 5 star September 27, 2016 ·
Being near Brittany is being in the presence of real magic. Her energy, enthusiasm, and love for life and all things yoga is so beautiful to witness. Consider yourself lucky if you find yourself in one of her Magical Yoga classes!

Carolyn Rose Richardson Brittany is an embodiment of light and magic. I have had the pleasure and joy to flow with her beautiful yoga, benefit from her wisdom in conversation or workshop, experience her energy and expand through reading her writings. Brittany has the gift of intuition and has a way of encouraging everyone around her to grow to their fullest potential and light.

Ashton Woodhouse reviewed Magical Yoga — 5 star September 7, 2017 ·
Brittany is amazing. Very insightful and very accurate. I have learned a great deal from her.

Readers of “Finding Starlight
had this to say:

I loved the journey, I could FEEL the energy and the excitement of the discoveries made.

“Empowered” instantly jumps to mind, and behind it is, “healed”, as if I too, have walked this journey of self discovery, healing and triumph and remembered bits of my own story, my own light. It broke my heart in places and mended the pieces back together with light. I never felt hopeless, only deep compassion and empathy. A resolve to keep going. The book brought tears to my eyes.

It makes me feel like there is whole other universe and world I am not exploring! I feel excited for tomorrow, and for all of the magic the universe has to offer. It also makes me feel like I am a true celestial being who is not tapping into her magic the way she could be! It makes me feel like I might be a star, but have been dulling my light, or am in situations where my light it being dulled. It makes me feel interested in the stories of others and how they must be so much more in-depth than we might think. It makes me feel so happy for Brittany and the journey she went through.

The book makes me a feel a great many things. I continue to be amazed at what humans can endure and still be kind and loving and desirous of evolution of self. It’s easy to say “fuck it” but so many times people do not, and you did not. It made me feel sad that you had to endure a moment of it, but as an abused child myself – I wouldn’t change a minute of it because it creates us. This was very personal to me and made me shift perspectives about my own mother. We had a very tenuous relationship. When she died, Bob Bird told me “You know what? She did the best she could with the tools and demons she had.” By no means was it “good enough” but he’s right, it was the best she could do. Your book reinforced that for me.
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