looking into the past-present-future with third-eyes wide open
“Her ability to be spot on with her insights shows a gift that not many people have.”
– Jen Morgan



Brittany is fluent in the language of dreams, and offers dream interpretation in person or remotely. Additionally, she offers an online dreamshop to teach people how to dream on purpose and with purpose. Watch for upcoming dreamshop offerings or Book Brittany for a private dream interpretation.


Tarot and Oracle Cards are beautifully accurate tools to answer your burning questions about relationships, career, family, and more. Card readings are offered for individuals and events, such as parties, fundraisers, open houses, festivals, fairs, women’s circles, or retreats. Inquire about card readings through Book Brittany.


Sometimes we just need a different perspective. Brittany has lived a lot of life and brings her compassion, empathy, wisdom, and intuition to the table whenever she is invited. An acute ability to read people and situations, even from afar, has been a lifelong gift that she now shares with clients. When you need to talk it out, Book Brittany.

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