Finding Starlight

a creative nonfiction

currently seeking agency representation
“It broke my heart in places and mended the pieces back together with light. I never felt hopeless, only deep compassion and empathy. A resolve to keep going. The book brought tears to my eyes.”
– a reader

Click here to watch Brittany read the book one chapter at a time

“Finding Starlight” is an almost unbelievable fantasy-narrative. Putting words to bohemian ideals, the book weaves usable self-development techniques through a unique, lyrical story about the mysteries of the universe.
At the crossroads of mental illness and spirituality, Brittany seeks answers from a past-life regression therapist. Using guided meditation, they embark on a fantastical journey through Brittany’s subconscious. Despite early tragedy and abuse, she maintains an idealistic worldview – until a crushing manipulation alters her life. Meandering through turbulent love affairs and sailing across the oceans, her new path is one of self-discovery (and self-medication). Brittany fears “her darkness” will consume her, but alternate realities, past-lives, and even the gods present themselves to reveal a larger, more complicated truth.
“It makes me feel like there is whole other universe and world I am not exploring! I feel excited for tomorrow, and for all of the magic the universe has to offer.”
– a reader
Agents interested in representing this work may contact Brittany for the edited 80,000 word manuscript, query letter, synopsis, and/or chapter summary.

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